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Mountain Rose Herbs

April 24, 2009

Looking to buy bulk organic herbs & spices or maybe some organic teas? Well look no further, Mountain Rose Herbs has it all!



They also sell carrier oils (make your own soap), wax (make your own candles), and lots of other bulk ingredients. I’m dying to buy some bulk herbs to make some homemade teas (mmm relaxing lavender tea) and when I finally get off my butt and decide to do it, you be I’ll be buying my supplies from Mountain Rose Herbs!


Branch: Sustainable Design for Living

January 8, 2009

This site has sooooooo much great stuff and most of it is reasonably priced!

Items I’m planning to purchase include :

  • Biodegradeable Cold Cups (For when I have unexpected guests show up at my house… the house I share with my Mom… wait, unexpected guests never show up here. Oh well, I’ll buy um anyway!)
  • Solidware Sporks by Bambu(To eat my lunch at work. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to bring my lunch at least 4 days a week. Mission accomplished so far this week.)
  • Utensils by Bambu (My wooden spoon has seen it’s day.)
  • Bamboo Goo by Bambu (My Tru Bamboo boards are in desperate need of this!


DailyCandy is offering a 25% off deal for Branch. Visit DailyCandy’s website to sign up for their newletters or email me at and I will forward you the deal!