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April 23, 2009

One of my favorite movies! This trailer does not do it justice!



February 13, 2009

Last Christmas the boy’s sister gave me some bath bombs from Lush. I had a bad experience with a bubble bath so I avoided using the bath bombs. Then I read about their toner tabs on Gala Darling’s blog and I figured I’d give Lush another try.


These lil guys are delightful! There are 3 different types: tea tree ( Aloe vera and tea tree tone sensitive or acne-prone skin), vitamin C (Rose and vitamin C refresh tired or mature skin), and vitamin E (Soothing lavender and vitamin E balance skin). The best part is that they’re only $1.50! You could shop online or stop by your local Lush store. They folks who work there are super helpful and friendly. I went in for the toner tabs and walked out with shaving cream, a solid fragrance, and lip balm, which smells delicious!



Au Revoir Pushing Daisies =(

December 3, 2008

Pushing Daisies is definitely one of the most creative tv shows on tv today, well, and possibly ever. I stumbled upon the show a few episodes into the first season and at first I thought it was a Dr. Seuss movie. After watching a bit of the episode, I quickly decided it was adorable and have been hooked ever since. Of course, the lovely writer’s strike came a few episodes into the first season and it doesn’t surprise me that PD lost plenty of viewer’s this season. I just can’t help but be a little sad that ABC has canceled this gem of a show. Watch it tonight while you still can. Oh how I will miss thee!

Gone too Soon

November 24, 2008

The cancellation of Pushing Daisies got me to thinking about other shows that have been sent away too soon.

The Tv Addict

Image: The Tv Addict

Miss Match– Alicia Silverstone as an attorney who plays cupid in her spare time. I don’t remember too much but I remember it was good.

Jake In Progress- John Stamos. Enough said.


Get Real– Was it a drama or a comedy? I don’t remember. Well according to IMDB, it was a little of both. I can still remember lying in bed in high school watching this show. Oh and a young Anne Hathaway was one of the stars.


Raines– Jeff Goldblum as a detective who solves murders by talking to the dead… Sounds kooky, but it was awesome and creatively made.


Arrested Development– Ok so I didn’t technically watch this one when it was on the air but from what I’ve seen so far, it was canceled too soon. Awesome cast, great story lines- what more could you ask for? Well I guess more than 3 seasons! But like I said, from what I’ve seen so far (I’m about half way through season 2), it’s great but it’s also possible that I haven’t seen it jump the shark yet.

Did I leave out any shows??