DIY: Tissue Paper Carnations

I am obsessed with poms lately but I have no luck when I try to make them (maybe I should just buy some from PomLove).

I found a tutorial via Twitter on Folding Trees for these super cute tissue paper carnations! So of course, I have been making them all day. They are soooooo adorable and super easy to make!



Here’s a picture of my lil work area on the kitchen table:

Eclec's DIY carnations Flowers

Eclec's DIY carnations Flowers

I strayed from the directions a bit:

  • I’m using my ColorBox fluid chalk inkpad to color my flowers. You can remove each plate so it’s super easy to color the paper.
  • I also reused some tissue paper that I got from the store when I bought something glass. I love the off white color and reusing paper is very green!
  • I’m using my Martha Stewart paper cutter minus the blade to make perfect circles. Instead of putting the blade in the hole, I use a pencil and get a perfect circle!

And a craptastic close up of the flowers:

More DIY carnations

More DIY carnations


One Response to “DIY: Tissue Paper Carnations”

  1. Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs Says:

    these look great!

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