Keepin It Green: Laundry

A few months ago I started using “environmentally friendly” liquid detergent from Trader Joe’s. No complaints here, but I wanted to make things even more green. I’m also not a fan of dryer sheets. Sure they get rid of static and make your clothes smell good but they’re just more garbage and additional chemicals for us to smell.

While at the Housewares Show last month, we entered the cleaning and storage hall a little bit before closing. I was not digging it so I kept telling my Mom and friends that we should just leave. And then I saw it: The Nellie’s booth. I ran over and told my Mom “See this is the green stuff I’ve been telling you about”. A nice woman started to tell us all about the products including dryer balls and their laundry soda. A gentleman came over and gave us a lil brown bag that was quite heavy. Well, it should be because inside was a package of dryer balls and a full sized container of laundry soda. We also managed to score full sized container of their oxygen brightner!



We were also shown their super cool PVC Free Dryer Balls. These lil guys have a little slot where you insert an all natural fragrance stick. So now you can get static free, reduced drying time, & a great scent all in one product! Unfortunately the dryer balls we received were the regular ones without the fragrance stick option. Oh and FYI, these babies are on back order over at




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