My Everyday Routine: Breakfast

I usually start my day off with a bowl of organic flax cereal from Trader Joe’s with some fruit (today it was organic bananas, also from TJs) and extra flax mixed in. A few weeks ago I bought a gallon of organic milk from Trader Joe’s but I didn’t even use half the bottle. I’ve read plenty of not so great things about milk lately (I just Googled “dangers of milk” and a website called Not Milk appeared, hmm) so I decided to switch to soy milk. Soy Dream organic vanilla soy milk to be exact. It is DELICIOUS!



I also drink a cup of tea in the morning and once again, my tea is from TJs. I usually drink pomegranite white tea in the morning, Yogi organic ginger tea after lunch, and blueberry green tea later in the day. Occassionally I drink a glass of organic chamomile or Yogi St. John’s Wort tea at night. I’m also one of those folks who drinks tea sans sugar. It took a bit to get used to but now I love being able to taste the amazing flavors of the tea and not just the sweetness of tea.



My next goal is to purchase only organic, fair trade teas. I’d also like to grow my own herbs to make homemade teas- Body & Soul has a great article in it’s current issue about growing your own herbs and directions on how to make your own tea. If growing your own is not an option but you’d like to make your own tea, you can purchase herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs.


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