Maddy’s Organic Meals

I still find it hard to swallow (pun intended) that we feed babies preservative filled baby food found on grocery store shelves. I’ve always imagined being one of those mom’s who purees “regular” food for my baby/babies. But when that’s not an option, I definitely wouldn’t mind feeding the lil ones some of Maddy’s.

According to the owner, Dori:

“What mom doesn’t want the best for their child? Yet who has the time to shop, steam, peel, blanch, boil, sieve, and freeze baby food? Hence, M.O.M. was conceived to bring other families delicious meals that have passed the Madeleine test. Knowing that healthy taste preferences and eating habits are established early on in a baby’s life, I selected nutrient rich ingredients for each of my unique recipes. I also wanted to provide families with a variety of meal options that really take flavor to the limit. This is something that cannot necessarily be said of commercial baby food.”

As Eli would say “eeeeehhhmmmm!” (that’s his version of “mmmmmm”).


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