Here’s an Idea!

I’ll fully rant on the economy some other time. I stand by my belief that the media is making this “recession” appear way worse than it actually is. I’ve also been finding that the youngin’s have a much better outlook on things. My Mom says that this is because the older generations have been through tough times before. I don’t know if I completely believe this. And furthermore, I think what’s going on is quite good. We are weeding out the companies that do not provide us with quality products and services. Those who provide us with quality will float in the end and the others will sing along the way. We are learning that we can get by on less. In a country (and world) that is so quick to spend and say “more, more, more!”, I think it’s not too bad of an idea to cut back a bit.

I remember hearing about a few months ago that a town had created it’s own currency to promote local spending (here’s an article from 1998 depicting a similar case). I think this is a fantastic idea considering what’s going on in this country (and in many other parts of the world). I think it’s a great marketing tactic as well.

As few as 5 local businesses can get together and offer gift certificates for a reduced price to customers. Business A sells $50 certificates for $35 (or whatever the price may be), and customers can use the certificate at Businesses A, B, C, D, & E. Customers will support the local economy and Mom & Pop’s will stay in business.


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