Is it wrong that I love this place?

World of Stock

Image: World of Stock

Damn you Hollywood Casino Aurora! I may or may not have a gambling problem. Ok I don’t but I sometimes pretend I do. Please don’t report me.

Rewards I’ve received from my player’s card so far:

  • Free Valet Parking
  • Free Buffet Brunch for 2
  • $75 cash or $100 dining credit
  • Free Brunch for 2 at Fairbanks

Other awesome things about this casino include I’ve walked out with at least $300 more than I started with, the staff is extremely friendly, and the self serve beverage stations are awesome. Oh yeah, and they have the Hot Shot Progressive, Mr. Cashman, Outback Jack, and that other slot machine I can never remember the name of. Need I say more?

Ready Bet Go

Image: Ready Bet Go

Poker Grub

Image: Poker Grub

Seriously, please don’t report me =)


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