Green Groove

Green Groove sounds like something we should all try out. You probably acknowledge on some level that we need to do something to save/help the Earth. If you need some help figuring out how to do so, look no further. Green Grove’s goal is to help you make “a phased withdrawal on catastrophic climate change.”


I love the website’s definition of the problem:

“Imagine walking into a doctor’s office, and a doctor there tells you that you’re sick. You have a fever, and it’s going to keep rising as you continue to live. The side effects can be catastrophic, and the only way to save yourself is to make a few simple changes in your lifestyle. You would make those changes, wouldn’t you? The Earth is in that same position, but you are the one who still needs to make the difference.

Catastrophic climate change is real, and the impact on the Earth, and our health, is immense. Our lifestyles are one of the primary reasons that the Earth is in this place, and our lifestyles, if changed, can be one of the primary things that saves it.”

I think I’m going to try it out and keep you updated on my progress. I suggest you do the same and share your results with us!


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