Dear Apple,

How I love thee.



A year ago, I dropped my precious iPhone after being ridiculously careful with it. I dropped it on a hard floor so I was quite angry at myself for being so careless. I only had it for a short time so I began to cry when it would not work. The next day I went to the Apple store. I made an appointment at the Genius Bar and about an hour later, it was my turn to pull up a stool. When I got up to the counter, the Genius said “So you’re having problems with your iPhone, what happened?”. To which I replied, “I pulled it out of my purse and it’s been acting up ever since.” He said, “Okay, hang on a sec.” He then proceeded to go through a door and return minutes later with a new iPhone and handed it to me. “Here you go!”. I was in a bit of shock, “Wait, is everything on there still?”. He assured me it was and sure enough, all my pictures and saved voicemails remained. Well done, Apple!



A few weeks ago, my MacBook started making a clicking noise and I had to shut it down by holding down the power button. When I turned it back on, a blinking file folder with a question mark appeared and would not go away. I went on my desktop computer and looked up what it meant. Most websites we’re saying the hard drive died and everything was gone. I started kicking myself for not backing up my laptop.

On Monday I finally made it in to my local Apple store. I had an appointment but still proceeded to wait 20+ minutes. The Genius tried to get it up and running but was unsuccessful. He told me that he would have the guys in the back take a look at it but he couldn’t guarantee they’d get any of my files back. He also told me he’d replace my keyboard case and install leopard. After 1.5 hours of waiting, I was called back and told they couldn’t get my files back. I was sad that I lost all my pictures but I was basically given a brand new computer.

Thanks for being awesome, once again, Apple. I will continue to buy your products because the customer service I receive is fabulous and reliable. XOXO


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