Snow. Crazy, Crazy Snow.

Chicago is under a winter storm warning.

Here’s how I have handled snow in the past:
Grades 1-10: pray for a snow day
Grades 11 & 12: drive. my precious white grand am would get stuck all over the place. i remember one time i allowed a friend to warm up my car. said friend was moron and decided it would be funny to drive my car. he proceeded to get it stuck in other moron friend’s parking lot. i had to call my parents and tell them i was stuck but would be home asap. ah to be a stupid teenager again.
College: i actually had an awesome marketing professor who told us one day that if we had something better to do, we could just not show up for class. she was really cool and i actually learned a lot in her class. what a novel idea- a cool teacher who you also learn from! anyways, i took that advice to heart a few times. while riding the el was not too bad in the snow, the fear of getting stabbed in the head with a falling icicle from a high rise was pretty scary. snow day, woo!
“Real Job” #1: outside sales. bad weather prompted me to cancel appoinments left and right. i guess that explains why i only made $4000 in december as opposed to my full commission of $10,000. oh and i think i was only supposed to make about $1500, i wonder how i pulled off making more money?? hmmm….
Last winter: i was working but it wasn’t a “real” job abd it was close to home, i don’t think i called in at all. look at me, i’m an over achiever.
This year: “real” job again. me no likey. i’ll probably call in.

Call me crazy, but I’m one of those people who believes that no job is really worth risking my life for. Combine that with a car that has shotty wipers and heat that works 2% of the time. Yeah, i better finish up my TPS reports today.


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