A Cheap Wedding… But “Cheap” in a Good Way

Many of the brides I encounter in my line of work sometimes have an unrealistic vision when compared to their budget. There’s the bride who wants to do a cocktail and appetizer event on one level and a make-shift restaurant serve on the other for around $70/person (problems include amount of food needed to pull off such a serve, the amount of staff, venue layout, etc…). Then there was the wedding with 100 guests with a budget of $1500 (fyi folks, if you’re using a caterer, many times the equipment and staff needed will end up costing two times the cost of the food). So I can honestly say I was a bit skeptical when I read about the $4,722 wedding on Darling Dexter. Was the guest count super low? Not really. Did they go the freegan route? Nope. Okay, okay, then it was probably just hideous and no photogenic. Again, NOPE!

Adam Pantozzi via nydailynews.com

Image: Adam Pantozzi via nydailynews.com

Read more about this fabulous, budget friendly wedding here.


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